Your profile information consists of your name, phone number and address. Your profile information applies to your Membook user account. This information is not automatically used as your membership information in your communities. 

However, if you wish, you can set Membook to copy your profile information to your community membership information as default. This way, you don’t have to tap the same information over and over again in different communities and associations.

It is not obligatory to fill in your profile details, but it is highly recommended to do so. You can also use several different email addresses in different communities, by listing all email addresses in your profile. 

How to find your user profile information?

Click your name in the upper-right corner of the screen and select "Your Information" from the drop-down menu. You'll be taken to the "Profile" tab, where you can view basic information about your account.

Here you can:

  • edit your contact information
  • manage your email addresses
  • upload a profile picture
  • change your password

How to manage your email addresses?

You may want to use different email addresses on different occasions. You can for example set one association to mail you to your personal email and another association to mail you to your work email. To do this, you must first add these different email addresses to your profile and confirm them. After that you can select the correct email address in each community (in your membership information in the community in question).

How to add emails?

Click the Email tab to see your current email addresses.

Enter a new email address in the “Add new email address field” and click the “Add” button. The “Enter your password” pop-up window opens. 

Enter the password for your Membook user account and click “Ok”. You will receive a confirmation message in your email inbox immediately. Click the "Confirm email" link in the confirmation message.

Note. If you don't receive the message:

  • check your spam folder
  • check that the new email address is spelled correctly on the Email tab
  • subscribe to a new confirmation message by clicking the "Verify" button.

How to use a secondary email address in a community

After adding a new email address to your profile as described above, you can select it to be used in your membership information inside a selected community.

Go to your community's home page via the "Your Communities" drop-down menu. Select "User Information" from the menu on the left. If the default information is set, clear the Use default information check box first.

Select the email address you want to use from the Email Address drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to click "Save".

How to change your primary email address?

You can change your primary email address by adding a new email address first, then selecting it as your primary primary email address. After that you can disable your old email.

When you change your primary email, it automatically updates to the member information in all the communities if you use your user information as default.

Follow the instructions above to first add and verify a new email address. Then click the "Set as primary email" button and enter your Membook password to confirm. You will be notified of a successful main email change.

After this, you can delete your old email address by clicking the trash bin icon besides it.

How to upload your profile picture

In "Profile" tab you can find your profile picture settings at the bottom of the page. Click the "Select File" button. A dialog box opens.

Select the image file you want to upload as your profile picture and click "Open". The image must be a .jpg or .png file. Click the "Upload Image" button. You will see a preview of the selected image.

If you want, you can select a new image or restore the default image with the "Restore default image" button. When you are satisfied with the image, click "Save".

How to change your password

Click the "Security" tab and enter your old password and new password (twice) in the fields provided. Click the "Change" button.You will be notified of a successful password change.