Community = An association, club, company or group that uses Membook to manage their membership register.

Member = A person who has joined the above community.

Superuser = A user who has the right to edit all community settings, price lists, user rights and other information. Is usually also the founder of the community in Membook.

Administrator = The person to whom the Superuser has granted the rights to use the member registry, billing history etc.

Home = Membook's home page, the main page where the latest messages, news and invoices from all your communities are collected.

Community Home = The page you navigate to after selecting a specific community from the Communities menu. In this case, you will only see messages, news, etc. from that community.

My Information / Default Information = Your own default user information that you can update from the profile menu in the upper right corner.

Member Information = Your own information in the community register. You can choose to use your default information or enter community-specific membership information. In addition to contact information, membership information can include your positions and other membership information collected by the community.

Message = A message sent by a Superuser or Administrator in that community.

News = A news feed compiled from various sources (e.g. social media channels).

Group = A manually selected group of certain members created by the superuser or administrator for a specific purpose, eg a party committee.

Officials = For example the Chairman of the Board, the members of the Board etc.

Products and Prices = Contains all the products and fees related to the community, including membership fees, course fee, t-shirts, newsletters etc.

Invoicing criteria = The criteria to which billing is to be determined.