These Membook Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the Free, Basic Mini and Basic versions of Membook. The use of the Premium version of Membook is always subject to a customer-specific agreement.

The customer accepts these terms and conditions when using the Membook service for their association or community. The terms of use for an individual registered user can be found here.


Membook is an association management service and our vision is to automate the routines of association activities with the help of our service. Membook solves membership billing and communication problems and provides a modern technological platform for future needs. Under a separate agreement, Membook will also build interfaces to the association's website and integrations with other systems.

Parties to the Agreement


The Customer is the organization (association, community, etc.) created in Membook by the Create Community function and whose founder has accepted these terms and conditions when creating the community.

The customer acts as The Data Controller in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation.


The service is provided by Membook Oy Ltd, Tehdaskatu 6, 24100 Salo. Business ID FI26551978.

Membook is The Data Processor under the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Subject of the agreement:

Membook service provided online as a SaaS (Software as a service). The customer selects the desired option (Free or Basic / Basic Mini).

Membook Free is for small associations that only need to keep an official membership register and send messages. The Free version can be used if the number of members is less than 200. When the number of members is exceeded, the agreement automatically changes to the Membook Basic version.

Membook Basic Mini is for small associations with less than 200 members AND less than 200 payment transactions per year. When the number of members or payment transactions is exceeded, the agreement automatically changes to Membook Basic.

Membook Basic is intended for associations with more than 200 members and / or more than 200 payment transactions per year. Membook Basic has a monthly fee.

Trial period

The first month of use is always free, we only charge any payment transaction fees made during the trial. After the trial, the Customer can continue to use Membook Free or Membook Basic Mini versions freely if the Number of Members is less than 200 members.

The trial can be terminated by deleting the established community with information from Membook or by notifying us of the termination at We will also send the customer a reminder message at the end of the trial month.

Price and invoicing

The price of the service is determined by the valid price list. See the current price list here. Membook Free is forever free.

At the start of paid use, the customer provides their billing information in the Membook service on the Billing tab. The customer can choose a billing interval of 6 months or 12 months. Payment transactions and any other additional services (mailings, etc.) are invoiced after the amounts have been realized.

Termination of the use of the service

You can terminate the service with 1 month's notice by notifying Membook Oy can also delete the customer's data from the register 3 months after the start of use, if the customer has not been contacted, the billing information has not been provided and the information has not been deleted. Unpaid bills can also cause service interruptions.

Supplier Responsibilities

The supplier undertakes to provide the Service for the duration of the Agreement. The service is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The service may have short maintenance and operating interruptions, but these are intended to be timed during quiet operation. Longer breaks will be announced in advance.

We are not responsible for longer outages due to reasons beyond our control (eg. extensive network interruptions, power distribution problems, cable damage, etc.).

Efforts will be made to resolve problem situations as soon as possible. Server monitoring is ongoing.

Data protection and data security

The Supplier shall observe absolute confidentiality with regard to the registers it maintains and shall not, under any circumstances, disclose the registers to third parties without the Customer's consent. The Supplier complies with the obligations of the EU Data Protection Regulation and is responsible for ensuring that Membook as a service meets these requirements.

EU data protection privacy Annex in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation can be found here: Membook privacy Annex

Customer Responsibilities

The Customer is responsible for the content of it's records, and their users' actions. The Customer undertakes to ensure that his / her user register is up-to-date and they instruct their users in the secure use of the service. The Customer is responsible for fulfilling the documentation obligation under the EU Data Protection Act and for informing his or her own registrants in the manner prescribed by the regulation.

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These updated terms and conditions are valid from May 25, 2018.